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It is the 282nd message.

Jesus is like Son in his house and his house is our heart (Hebrews 3/6), and this is the true house of God that we have to be.

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The house of God is built in the heart, because if someone does not love God, he cannot build him a place to stay in this world and God does not live in houses built by human hands as it is said: “But still, the Most High has not his resting-place in houses made with hands, as the prophet says” (Acts 7/48).

       What is made by human hands is only dust raised by people who have spent hundreds of millions, seeing billions and say: “we have not built whatsoever to our God”. My dear friends, God stays in his life, and if we glorify him, it is good but we should know that it is in us, his house, his dwelling place, where he is glorified in this world; that is to say in our hearts. God saves man (the soul) in manand not out of him. That is why he sent his Son Jesus Christ to us and it is a question for us to receive him and allow him to stay in us, him the saviour, the deliverance, the healer, the one who blesses, and the life giver. Because where there is the saviour, there also is saving, where there is the deliverance, there also is delivery, where there is the healer, there also is healing, where there is the one who blesses, there also is the blessing, and where there is the life giver, there also is life. That is why it is said: “Now the Lord is the Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there the heart is free” (2Corinthians 3/17).

Where there is Jesus Christ, there also stays his Father, and where his Father stays, there also is his house. How then can we build the house of God? The Almighty God wanting us to build him a house sent the plan and the building material that are the Word of Christ which is spirit and life. That is why the Lord Jesus says: “that one who loves my Father will build him a house” (will keep his word).Therefore, this word being kept is a new thinking and life which is a new house built in the honour of the Father (this Word of Christ which we keep). He will come and stay with the Son and the two will dwell in their house. That is why the Lord Jesus was saying: “...If anyone has love for me, he will keep my words: and he will be dear to my Father; and we will come to him and make our living-place with him” (John 14/23). God is his word and he stays in his word, he is spirit and stays in his spirit, he is life and stays in his life. The Lord Jesus says: “the words which I have said to you are spirit and they are life”, therefore, this word is the building material of God’s house in our heart. Because the Lord Jesus did not come to save the dust in order to stay in a building, but he came to save the spirit of man, brief, his soul. That is why he, being spirit, must stay in the spirit of man in order to save or vivify the death spirit. That is why he says: it is the spirit that vivifies (John 6/63), or again that the Holy Spirit bear witness to our spirit that we are the veritable.

Man is his heart, and the heart of man is like a vehicle which is driven either by the spirit of God or by the spirit of the devil. One must be in the steering to drive this car (this heart) because it is in the heart where all the decisions are taken. That is why when the heart of man stops, all also stops. That is why some people say: “as your heart will decide” or “you have a bad heart, you have a strong heart, you have a good heart”, because man is his heart that is why God in man, stays in his heart and not on his lips. In this, the Lord Jesus himself was saying: “These people give me honour with their lips, but their heart is far from me” (Matthew 15/8). It is the same thing today where people are Christians in the flesh or in the appearance and not in the spirit of truth. That is why when people have not yet raised a building for house of God, they are ill and dejected, and they will then do everything to have finances to raise a lump of soil, decorating it. At that moment, they become healed and awakened. While, they refuse to build a house of God because their hearts are full of hatred and mockery, jealousy, rivalry, division, contempt, wanting the suffering of his similar... If God stayed in the dust, therefore, he would be so happy today because many buildings at the price of millions and billions are built in his name, he would be happy of the building, of the Saint Peter place of the Vatican, cathedrals and others that are built everywhere. If God had a building for house, then the Lord Jesus would have built a building more than any other person, even Moses, would have ever raised (built) on earth. But it means of a house in the heart, that is why it becomes complicated for those who are dominated by the glory of man, material and wickedness. Because it is said: “The God who made the earth and everything in it, he, being Lord of heaven and earth, is not housed in buildings made with hands” (Acts 17/24).

Today, somebody stands at a distance and points at the building saying: “that is the house of God”. But what madness! My dear, the finger which you point to the building must be turned towards your heart to say: “that is the house of God” or again “this is where the house of God was supposed to be, but I did not want to accept this suffering, depriving myself of many things in becoming the slave of life.” People have refused to possess the heart of God so that in return, this heart should also possess them. Today in their ignorance, they know that they are the ones to give their heart to God. That is why they say: “give your heart to God” or “I have given my heart to God”. Man has not read that God says: “And I will give you a new heart” (Ezekiel 36/26). This new heart is the word and life of Jesus received in our hearts. Man believes that he is the one who gives his heart to God that is why in his false reasoning and pride, he wants God to prostrate in front of him so that he should give him his heart. People have not built a house for God because if it was done, God would be in his house and them in the house of God which is the house of love, forgiveness, pity, patience, temperance, fidelity, gentleness, goodness, joy, peace, to want good, prosperity and success of everybody, both in the spirit and in the physic. Also, parents will take all the children of the world like their own children, and the children will consider all the parents of the world like their own parents, the lacking of our neighbour will make us to be sad and his sickness will make our pain. People have not built the house of God, that is why God and his good are out, and the devil and his evil are in, that is why evil and suffering dominate today in our hearts.

The world is only full of hypocrites as Christians. God is at the door of your heart and he knocks. If you open this door to him, he will come in and live with you and you with him. That is why our heart must become the house of God, house of goodness, and we have to keep this house of goodness more than any other thing, if not the devil will come and steal. If this heart has the forgiveness, the devil will send your similar to come and do something to you which you will not forgive. At that moment, Satan would steal your forgiveness which is God’s good. Suffer in what is life and deliverance because Apostle Paul did not construct a building for house of God, but he had built the house of God in himself. He did not leave finances to us for the construction of dust for the house of God, but he has work hard to live us with banks that are eternally full of funds so that we should build the house of God. That is why I also, I work hard in order to provide funds to people who want to build the house of God at a gift cost. That is why what I have written by the grace of God is not and will never be for sale, even if there are billions of books and brochures, because my greatness and power are in what I give, and I do it in the price of the name of Jesus which is free of charge.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death.  (John 8/32)

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