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It is the 111th message.

The “men of God” that we see are considered like the messengers or the established of the Eternal God. In others words, it means that it is through them that the men were to know God (his life, his justice, his mercy, his holiness and his purity). Meanwhile if we have 100 men of God in this world, 99 of them are engines of the death or less, they are called to mislead the multitude.

 When these men of God preach their gospel which relies on their customs and traditions, the blinds and the deaf who listen to them say to themselves that it is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, those who listen to them, no matter their practice or their faith as they usually say, they will never become the gods, that is the true children of God. Some of these men of God make the divinations; they flatter, seduce and prophesy for their own stomach by using the word of God. The others have falsified this word for their own glory (2 Corinthians 2/17; Revelation 22/19). Finally, there are the others although having listened to the word of truth, they abandoned it because they prefer the glory of man. Meanwhile John 5/44 says: “How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another and not seek the glory that comes from the only God?”.It is without doubt the reason for which everyone want to become a servant of God, to have a parish, a cell, in short; a place of prayer. Meanwhile it is said in 2 Corinthians 10/18: “For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends”.

I will like to remind these “men of God” that they will be punished more than the rest of the people. For, being raised on their own for their stomach and for the glory of the men, they are misleading billions of souls. But since their believers do not know them, it is the reason for which they consider them like the messengers of God. What is so bad than to see a man of God who unite two men (accept a homosexual marriage) by celebrating a mass of blessings!

The world in which we live is a pervert world because the men have found that to become a servant of God is a profitable function (in terms of the material) and it is everyone who wants to become a servant of God. That is why the men like the women go in the biblical schools by spending huge amounts of money in order to become “a man of God”. After coming out of this school, they must enter into function in order to recover the money that has been given for their training. It is the reason for which their believers suffer a lot. All the projects that these said men of God have are in the responsibility of their believers. Their projects are the following: to construct houses for themselves, to buy vehicles, to make the advertisements for their popularity, to send their children in big schools. If these men of God plan their life or if they have projects, it is because they know that they have a farm which has no season, that is; where there is never the lack of food. And this farm is their believers. Some men of God are weak because they only want that their believers should take care of their family, for they are more than the civil servants. Those are the things that make the people to aspire of becoming the servants of God; but their believers do not know what these men represent in front God.

Moreover, these “men of God” have captivated people’s hearts (without forgetting their finances) because they frequently go to seek the power that makes to fall and makes them see the invisible things. What makes that when this one tells you the things that happen in your life and that it happens that what he says is true, you will consider him like a living God , there is a reason to confide in him because all what he says is true. You will ask yourself the question: how does he know my life? How does he know the invisible things? And you will finish by saying: only God can do these things. I will like to tell you that the devil rejoice himself when he sees how his servants mislead the people (their souls). I also tell you that these places (places of prayer) are very dangerous.

Renounce to your life by frequently asking the Lord Jesus Christ to guide you and to show you a place where you will go and listen to his word. He can talk to you or show you this place, whether in a vision or in the dreams as it was the case with Cornelius (Acts 10/3-6). But, be careful because even the devil does it.

I did not come in this world to learn from the man or to look at what he is doing in order to later do the same. But the Lord Jesus told me: “stand and just open your mouth for I am the one who will speak”. All what I do is in his name and for his glory.

To him is the glory and wisdom for the eternity. Men of God, eat and drink by the seduction, flattery and deception, but know that you will be punished more than those who listen to you and who consider you.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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