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We wish you a welcome in this space of sharing for the glory of God.

This Website "A LIGHT TO ENLIGHTEN THE WORLD" is a mirror web-Site for all the men, women, children of the entire world without distinction of the spoken language, breed nor nation. It is only the witness of the truth to bring down the lie and to raise the glory of the kingdom of heaven that was so long trampled by the seduction, the lie and the deception, it has been so long veiled; the light which is just the truth rises in these end times to bring out of darkness (lies) those who are held captive in the chains of hell.

The world cries and moans, the soul suffers (dies) in the man who live the sin and who remains dominated by the devil by lack of the knowledge of the truth which is the only source of deliverance and of life. Finished with the drought of the soul; finished with the thirst of the man who drinks from this spring that vivifies. This Web-Site is a table that has been set for all of you; people of the entire world. Here, you will find the revealed Word that has been listed according to topics

This website contains six (06) topics:

  •      The gospel of the deliverance and of salvation: It is the word of transformation aimed to touch the heart of the evil man in order to change it into the heart of God which is the heart of good, love and Mercy.
  •       My mission: In this topic, you will find the writings that talk of apostle Champi Dino and of his fight which is to bring those who really seek God in spirit and in truth to  the knowledge of the truth and freedom from all satanic yoke, from the captivity of customs and traditions of men, from the seduction of the power of the material and the seeking of the glory of the world.
  •        Customs-seductions-dominations: In this topic, you will find how the false men of God (priests, pastors, bishops, prophets…) lead the souls into perdition by their power of lies, of seduction and of deception by the use of the said spiritual products, divinations and miracles on earthly things.
  •        The love of the money and of glory: Writings of this topic come to deliver the men from the power of the material and the strong desire to be appreciated and considered by their fellow men. It leads them to seek and to envy in spirit and truth the life of justice only, to recognize and live Jesus Christ in order to become free from all those who are magicians, corrupted and abominable either they are president of the republic, star, business man or any other slave. The person who is free is not the one to bow down in front of the slaves; but the slaves are the ones to bow down in front of those who are free.
  •        The cunning of the devil in this world: the devil is the master of the cunning and you must know him to fight him in order to be freed from his yoke. In this context, the revelation listed in this topic makes you know the techniques that are used by Satan and his men to destroy the world.
  •        Witchcraft and his works: by these writings, you will have knowledge on the mystery of the witchcraft and his different manifestations, notably in the houses of prayer.


This Web-Site brings you the power of God that will permit you to crush all powers of the evil one, if only you receive and live by this gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The time is short and the end is near, the essential and the most urgent is no longer to gather gold and money that are only dust, and that will return in the dust, but it is rather to build the justice, holiness, purity and mercy of the Lord Jesus in our souls for the richness and eternal life.  God’s love is to warn us of the danger, to warn us to understand the advice and for us to change life in order to save our souls from the eternal torment. For the advice is given and the new life that we must put on is announced by these writings that are a revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ having for aim to lead the man towards God only and not towards another man. Our prayer and fight is for you to choose the good part.

You will explore this space that has been formed in a simple manner to facilitate your surf by the help of the functions that are found on the top menu.

For all your needs, please feel free to contact us.

We still wish you welcome in this Web-Site.


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