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Champi Dino apostle neither by the men nor by a man, but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. I did not become apostle, but I am apostle since my birth. Champi Dino sent in this world to bear witness of the light of the Lord Jesus. For at the age of six months I have prophesy on all these messages that I have written today by the grace of the Lord Jesus; It is the manifestation of the power of the Lord Jesus in me. I had my baptism of water in November 2009, and in January 2010 I began my ministry up to today without the advice of man nor watching television channels, to examine Christian books in order to copy what is done today in the world and by the world…

But I work thanks to the adviser who is in me. The Lord Jesus said: go and announce the good news of repentance and of deliverance, of the richness and of life to the slaves, to the poor and the death. And in this world I first see the slaves and poor men who are the head of States, stars, the high officials, false men of God in white collar, business men …, who drag the world in the eternal torment by magic, killing, human sacrifice, fake, lies, swindling,  homosexuality that abounds in them. The time has come for them to no longer listen to lies, the seduction, the tradition and custom that they are used to receiving when they sit on the first places in these big buildings that are decorated called church. But I bring them this truth which is fire to burn evil which is in them.

I am not afraid of the man for not telling the truth to this poor and miserable. But I am afraid of God, that is why I bring you the truth so that the blood of Jesus should not shed in vain. It is time for the truth of Christ to be preached at the summit of this century which is wicked than ever. For I neither envy nor seek the men of this world no matter their money, power and glory that serve nothing because they have nothing to give me, I am rather the one who have to make them become rich.

I don’t have a patriotic feeling and other, but I have a feeling of truth of the Lord Jesus (Philippians 2/5) 

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