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It is the 502nd message

I do not come to talk in the name of a continent, a skin color, nation, town, tribe, language, but I come to talk in the name of the righteousness, justice, mercy, peace... of God which is ignored, rejected and despised by certain men who take themselves for big fishes and who intimidate and subjugate the others who are considered as small fishes.

I do not come with the spirit of the creator to be influenced by the spirit of man, of the beast or the devil; I do not come with the knowledge of the creator of things in my heart attested by the Holy Spirit to be influenced by the knowledge of things attested by papers called certificates. I do not come with the richness, the word that created the ground and the underground to be influenced by the barren richness of the ground and the underground which is transformed or fabricated by the hands of man. I do not come from a nation or continent where my creator made me to be born in the flesh to envy another one where my creator did not make me to be born. I do not envy any other skin colour than the one that my creator has given me. I do not come with the authority of God which has domination over evil to be intimidated and influenced by the men who are at the summit of the governing of the flesh of other men not having authority to govern evil.

The problem that we have in this present world is that the man does not run towards the Lord Jesus first to be invested and to build richness, a fortune, a treasure, God’s goods of truth in order to become eternally great and glorious. But the man run towards the material, what he transforms and fabricates with his own hands in order to draw greatness and glory from these vanities; and because of this, he eliminates, destroys and despises the others in order to come in possession of these things. The devil seeing that man’s heart pleases itself in these things to the detriment of the life, health, peace and joy of human beings or his fellowmen, he has thus make use of this to make him become his instrument.

It is by freemasonry, the Rosicrucian order and Catholicism that the African Head of States are dominated, influenced, weakened and intimidated by these western belligerent puppeteers. These very great and dangerous lodges have permitted these puppeteers to bring the African head of States to be tyrannical, to take the richness of the people like a personal good, to govern and rule their people without the opinion of anybody. For this purpose, African countries are not governed by their people, but by an individual who is weakened, intimidated, influenced and manipulated, who takes the dignity and richness of his people in hostage to make it his personal good; that is why dictatorship reigns and has taken precedence over democracy.

Politicians, exploiters, instigators of wars and push, sellers of weapons that these puppeteers are, before coming in Africa, they first sent spies clothed in cassocks and carrying a bible, who were not teaching writings of the bible, but rather customs and traditions of men accompanied with recitations; they were asking the Africans to throw their supernatural powers and forces, or were asking them to bring or give it to them. They were also asking lands, and fields have been given to them as you can notice today. When they were receiving the fields freely, in return, they were selling drops of water that they were pouring on the forehead of babies and little children for baptism just as it is still practiced today by many.

These spies in cassocks had weakened and diverted the thought of these old Africans. These puppeteers came to exploit African richness and some people who were awakened and who were speaking in their disadvantage were chased and killed. These spies had instituted the confession to bring the people to come towards them to tell them their secrets, under pretext that they were talking to God, and these secrets were used to better destroy them. That is how they were deprived of all their richness in benefit of these puppeteers. So touching in truth!

Having colonised Africa, and after independence, these last always wanted to keep this continent dependent of the metropolis; that is why they have brought the Rosicrucian order and freemasonry in which they have introduced the African head of States, by this way, keeping them under the domination of the system of student and master (teacher). According to the principles in these lodges, the masters must sodomise the students; that is where the great danger for Africa is felt. Majority of African leaders are the wives of these people who are their godfathers and masters.

The African head of States who are introduced in these lodges drag their relatives inside; as such, almost all the high officials want to become Rosicrucian or freemason like their presidents, ministers...  for it is through this circle that we obtain favours of those who are highly placed, merit leaving the place to the sectarian’s feelings and favours. When an African head of State does not obey another western head of State, this last will go and complaint to the master of the lodge in which the African head of State is a member, and this master calls him to order by intimidating him. Or they will even call on the pope who will invite this recalcitrant African head of State in the Vatican to bring him into submission, given that the pope has a great power in these two lodges: The Rosicrucian and Freemasonry order.

Today, if the post of an African head of State is not threatened, his children will be able to study in the biggest schools of the world, even if for that, they must privatise all the public companies, let the rate of unemployment to increase, favour the exploitation of the resources of the people by the westerners. Also, he will remain insensitive to problems such as the currency, hunger and thirst, the embezzlements, underdevelopment... Besides, for majority of the African head of States, their children have double nationality because they know that after their mandate, they and their family will go and live in another country were they have invested in advance.

Therefore, in Africa, as long as the power is not found in the hands of the people but rather in those of an individual who is weakened, intimidated, influenced by the sectarian lodges of the westerners, and manipulated by these belligerent puppeteers, Africa will neither be able to become free nor sovereign nor to have their own currency or to witness a veritable development. The pope is in the freemasonry order as well as majority of his colleagues. That is even why there are many acts of pedophile in this milieu. In Italy for example, homosexuality is legalised and the mayor of Rome 1st celebrates the homosexual marriage every weekend and delivers marriage certificates to those who get married, he being the neighbour of the pope.

In Cameroon, in the year 2009, the visit of pope Benedict XVI had cost more than 2 billions of CFA francs, but for what end? If not for the impoverishment of the flesh by useless expenses, and that of the soul through customs and traditions of men that are taught.

The world is small, the International Criminal Court (ICC) or the human rights draw their law from the bible, but they do not respect these laws and rights; but many things will happen in this generation.

I heard the Africans saying that the former Ivorian president called Laurent Bagbo could not rule Ivory Coast because he was a baker and not a certified in economy, finances... I want to make them understand that it is not through certificates that we become a good leader, but by a heart which is anxious for all the people of all social classes; he who has this heart serve the people, he eats and drinks after the people, his joy and peace come from the joy and peace of the people. I want to make them understand that Pharaoh gave all the governing of the entire Egypt to Joseph son of Jacob or Israel who was not in school to learn economy, finances... because he discovered that nobody else was intelligent and wise like him. That is why it is said: “And Pharaoh said to his servants, “Can we find a man like this, in whom is the Spirit of God?” Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Since God has shown you all this, there is none so discerning and wise as you are.  You shall be over my house, and all my people shall order themselves as you command. Only as regards the throne will I be greater than you.” And Pharaoh said to Joseph, “See, I have set you over all the land of Egypt”(Genesis 41/38-41).

To all the rulers of the world; in the flesh where I have less than 40 years on this day of the 29th March 2017, you are my fathers and grand fathers, and not in the spirit. I want to bring back your souls that you have sold to the devil for vanities that finish their race in the dust bin, toilet... I do not retain myself from telling you the truth for fear that my flesh should be destroyed by the sword, the weapon, bomb; because sooner or later it must return in the ground where it was taken, but I am afraid of not loving you by not telling you the truth, for if the bad rich in the parable of Jesus had received it, he would not be asking a drop of water while suffering in the lake of eternal fire.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death.  (John 8/32)

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