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 In truth, in this present world, even if the earth, money, vehicles, air planes, ships, companies, women, children... belong to me, I will always be sad in my heart and soul because of the leaders of great powers who incite wars, destabilisations, coup d’état, favour the arming of rebels..., where the blood of babies, children, widows, in short, where the blood of innocent people shed abundantly. Certain people run away from their countries because of wars and troubles, and are sometimes struck down by hunger, cold and worries. It is presently the case in Syria where babies, children and widows are killed by weapons.

We are on the 29th August 2016; the war started in Syria on the 15th March 2011, today, it already makes 05years 11months 14days, and we already count more than 292 817 dead. I also take the example of the war in Libya that started on the 15th February 2011 and that has last 08months 08days, we count more than 15000 dead; and even after the assassination of the Libyan leader till today, we continue to count the number of deaths in this country.

These leaders of great powers fabricate weapons of all kind that are sold like bagel, not to kill animals that are given by God for their food, but to kill human beings. It is everyone who wants to glorify himself in the arming. While the rate of unemployment continues to be high, they put much money in the manufacturing and possession of heavy weapons. Willing to sell many weapons to make money, they incite wars.

In truth, how can war such as that in Syria last so many years? The more it lasts longer, the more thousands of people die. Can Barack Obama of the United States, Vladimir Poutine of Russia, Xi Jinping of China, Kim Jong-Un of Nord Korea, Francois Hollande of France, Bachar El-Assad of Syria... not sit down around a table to find an agreement to limit the bloodshed of babies, children, widows, in short, that of innocent people in Syria? In truth, if these head of States of great powers were becoming great and powerful in the love of the neighbour, hospitality, pacifism, reconciliation, they would also be imitated by leaders of small nations, and there would be less conflicts, polemics, wars, destabilisations, coup d’états, the arming of rebels... In truth, how do these men be unable to seek to imitate their creator in possessing his greatness and power!

God has sent his Son Jesus Christ so that the men should become alive, great and powerful like him through his Son. The Eternal, the Father has shown us the greatness and power in love by giving us his Son for the redemption of our souls from the hands of the devil or the death; and his Son Jesus Christ has shown us his greatness and power by suffering and dyeing in his flesh for us so that our souls should no longer be destined to dwell in the eternal death and suffering in the lake of fire in case we imitate him in carrying the same love and manifesting it towards our neighbour. Meanwhile God has planed that if we become great and powerful like him, there will be less evil, wickedness, war, coup d’état, arming of rebels, killings..., and there would be more love, peace, forgiveness, respect, pity, justice, righteousness, humility, simplicity... That is why the Lord Jesus recommended us to have his greatness and power that are only found in love when he says: “These things I command you,so that you will love one another” (John 15/17).

If we want the greatness and power of God, we must possess his commandment as he says: “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you” (John 15/12). The Lord Jesus has given us a new greatness and power through his new commandment as he says: “A new commandmentI give to you,that you love one another:just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another” (John 13/34). But the leaders of great powers have made their power and glory in the fabrication and possession of weapons to kill and destroy, and not in the love of the neighbour to wish him life like God our creator and the Lord Jesus our saviour. If we are great and powerful in God, we will owe love, peace, success, respect... to our neighbour, that is even why Apostle Paul says”Owe no one anything, except to love each other, forthe one who loves another has fulfilled the law” (Romans 13/8). All the leaders of countries were to seek to become great, not in the fabrication or possession of weapons of all kind, but rather in the possession of the royal law of heaven to owe it to everybody. Therefore, all the nations would be full, not of weapons to kill human beings, but full of love and good. That is why it is said: “If you really fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture,“You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing well” (James 2/8).

We should first seek what is useful for our soul which is nothing else than love towards our neighbour before any other thing. That is even why it is said: “Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, sincelove covers a multitude of sins” (1Peter 4/8).

Leaders of great nations, instead of glorifying yourselves in front of God through his greatness and power in the love of the neighbour, hospitality, pacifism... you rather glorify yourselves in front of the man through the fabrication and possession of heavy weapons of all kind that serve for the destruction of humans like flies or ants. Instead to be dominated by God to owe or wish the life, good health, success, prosperity to our neighbour both in the spirit and in the physic, you have rather sought to be gained by the material to owe the coup d’état, the exploitation of the undergrounds of other countries by passing through measures of trouble and destabilisations, wars, conflicts... You have refused the consumption of the body and blood of Christ offered by himself for your alliance with him in the spiritual good, as well as for your power, force and strength to consume the human blood, flesh and excrements to become great Rosicrucian, freemasons, paedophiles, homosexuals, to incarnate animals... For some of these great leaders like Barack Obama, Francois Hollande..., they have gone up to legalising the homosexual or unnatural marriage in their countries that they rule, thus diving their people in a Sodom and Gomorrah State. They should understand that they have no lesson to give to their creator. Obama, Hollande..., God in his wisdom knew that your father had to become tied to your mother for you to be born, but in your madness, you have legalised that two people of the same sex should officially get married. But what state of blindness! Your eyes must become opened for you to see the greatness and power of God to praise his wisdom. Look how the devil manipulates you because of vanities. The devil is like an elder in front of you, and you as a little child in front of him. The devil comes in front of you with ten coins of 25 CFA Francs that make 250 CFA Francs, representing earthly things to exchange them with gold that you hold in the hand and which you take to be a simple stone by lack of knowledge of the value of the thing that represents your soul. You have exchanged your soul against earthly things that are only vanities; the soul for which the Lord Jesus has shed his blood for her redemption from the eternal suffering in the lake of fire; she (your soul) is what you have sold in the price of vanities, but what poverty! What blindness! And what spiritual uselessness!

You should not be ashamed, repent! The devil has deceived you because you are spiritually small. But we are sent by the Lord Jesus to go with you in front of this wild beast in order to annul the contract, the pact... For he does not have the right to tell you that the good that has been sold cannot be given back nor changed because they do not sell the soul, and more at the price of vanities; for the soul has more value than any other thing on earth.

My pleasure is not to have a hand shake with you, to have friendship with you in your spiritual state, to profit of your material goods nor to gain papers that give me the nationality in the country, but to wish your repentance and communion with God through his Son Jesus Christ for the eternity.

      CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death.  (John 8/32)

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