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It is the 573rd message

    The time has come for the Cameroonian people to know and live the peace that their creator has given them by the spirit of truth. When God brought Noah and his family out of the ark after the floods or the destruction of the first world, when they were increasing in number on earth, they spoke one language and the same words; that is why it is said: “Now the whole earth had one language and the same words” (Genesis 11/1). These people who spoke one language were like the only people on earth. They took the resolution to build a tower which its summit was to touch the heavens, God was indignant with their thinking, that is why he had prevented them from realising their project by dispersing them all over the world and confusing their language; that is why it is written: “And the Lord said, “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do. And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and there confuse their language, so that they may not understand one another's speech.” So the Lord dispersed them from there over the face of all the earth, and they left off building the city. Therefore its name was called Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth. And from there the Lord dispersed them over the face of all the earth” (Genesis 11/6-9).

       As such, all these multiple people or countries that exist in the world, and these different languages that are spoken by the men come from God and by his will. Cameroon is a country which is situated in central Africa, just as majority of African countries, he was colonised by foreign countries, and it is in the 20th century that all these African countries had their independence. Cameroon was first colonised by the Germans, and after the First World War, the Germans were cast away by the French and their allies who are the British and the Belgians. After the departure of the Germans, Cameroon was divided into two parts as the spoils of war between the French and British.

    The French occupied 4/5th of the territory and the English occupied the remaining 1/5th. Cameroon was therefore divided into two parts: Eastern Cameroon controlled by the French and Western Cameroon controlled by the English. But on the 10th April 1948 in Douala, rose out an independence movement called Union of Population of Cameroon (UPC) to claim the independence of Cameroon from the hands of the French administration. In May 1955, a vast social movement of protestation breaks out, and the French administration react by attributing the fault to the UPC. In July 1955, the French administration prohibit the movement, and in December 1956, Pierre MESSMER who was a high commissioner of France in Cameroon decided to organise elections in Cameroon while prohibiting the UPC to present himself. The 12th May 1957, Andre Marie MBIDA was named prime minister, in February 1958, Hamadou AHIDJO was named prime minister by the French administration in the place of Andre Marie MBIDA who resigned. The 13th September 1958, UM NYOBE who was the leader of the independence movement was assassinated in the scrubland by the French Army in the Nyong and Ekele division.

    The 15th May 1960, Hamadou AHIDJO is elected as first president of Cameroon. The 1st October 1961, British Cameroon was divided into two parts; one part, northern Cameroon became attached to Nigeria, and the other part known as southern Cameroon represented today by the North West and South West regions became tied to independent Cameroon. After many years of dialogue between the two parts, president Hamadou AHIDJO of Northern Cameroon and southern Cameroon leaders came to the unification of Cameroon on the 20th May 1972. The country was then unified and divided into provinces. The date of the 20th May has henceforth become the commemoration of Cameroon national unity. The 04th November 1982, president Hamadou AHIDJO resigned from his post of president; two days later, his prime minister called Paul BIYA became the second president of the united republic of Cameroon, and on the 04th February 1984, he changes the appellation of united republic of Cameroon to the republic of Cameroon. When Northern Cameroon was becoming tied to Southern Cameroon, John NGU FONCHA was prime minister and the second personality in this country from the 1st October 1961 to the 13th May 1965. Next, Augustin NGOM JUA succeeded him as prime minister from the 13th May 1965 to the 11th January 1968. Then came TANDENG MUNA from the 11th January to the 2nd June 1972.

       Cameroon is made up of ten regions and 2 official languages of the colonial masters that are French and English. We are today the 26th March 2018, the day I am writing this message. I am touched by crises of peace of Cameroonians, called Anglophone crises in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon; crises that are still going on and that started since 2016. In truth, since November 2009 where I received the baptism to start the mission that God sent me to accomplish on earth, I understood that this generation has many problems, not because certain things must not happen for the accomplishment of writings of God, but because it lacks messengers of God. That is why Apostle Paul recognised that without the veritable messengers of God, there is no veritable preaching or teaching that can lead to the veritable belief for the production of the veritable deliverance as he says:  For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent?” (Romans 10/13-15).

       I am neither a politician nor someone of the party in power or the opposition party, but I am of the truth of Christ, sent in this world to proclaim this word of light and of fire on the entire world. The man does not corrupt me nor things that God created for me to use them, nor things that the hands of men have transformed or fabricated. After my baptism in November 2009, I understood that God gave Cameroonians great peace which is not manifested, but just spoken with the mouth. But how will Cameroonians manifest the peace of God without the truth? Because peace comes from the truth, and this truth is announced by the men of God. But when I look at the first missionaries in Cameroon, I see how they have masked this truth to implant statues with effigies of actors of movies who are Olivia Hussey and Robert Powell so that they should be taken and adored as Jesus and Mary. On the other side, the men of God of the said awakened churches are immersed in seduction, ignorance, complacency, the selling of the said spiritual products, swindling and forgery. Cameroonians were to understand that it is God who gave them more than 250 ethnic groups and more than 250 mother languages or dialects.

    They should understand that from the north to the south; from east to west, it is not French and English which are languages of colonial masters and recognised as Cameroon official languages that must build national unity. In truth, unity comes from the possession of the heart and spirit of God to have love, the living together, mutual respect, consideration... as treasure. The two official languages of Cameroon are foreign languages. Cameroonians did not take a language such as ejagham, balong, ngemba, gbaya, ewondo, douala, moundang, mabea, bassa... (language of the territory) to be their national language. The men of God are the ones who have baptised president Paul BIYA who is a former seminarian. But who could teach him that a king or head of state is like a mother who has her children and gives all she has for the success and wellbeing of these children? And this mother eats only after her children have eaten and become satiated. The head of State called Paul Biya and all members of government are not taught on the truth by those who were supposed to teach them this truth, but what is surprising is that these last (the men of God) contemplate them and take them for the gods. Therefore, from where will come veritable peace without the truth? Before and after Paul BIYA was becoming president, they were to teach him that dialogue is the key or staff of power for the governance over the people and not dictatorship with the use of weapons.

       How can it happen that when president Paul Biya arrives in Douala, he declares: “here I am in Douala” as if Douala was not part of Cameroon or part of the territory which he govern? How does it happen that one quarter of the state budget is used for the personal guard or protection of the president as if he was not a Cameroonian? But it is because he has built his force and power not on dialogue with the people, but on exercises of intimidation... in order to control the country as he like. When president Paul Biya want to move out of his country (Cameroon), he is always escorted more than any other president in the world; before going out, he makes that they should block the principal road of the town for 4hours and soldiers of the presidential guard well armed often post themselves on buildings along the road. They did not teach president Paul Biya to despise the glory of man, they did not show him the glory which is above that of vanities; the veritable glory which he must like; he did not hear that you should not desire the power of the earth but rather the one which is supreme and eternal. He did not understand that while coming out of his mother’s womb to enter in this world, this short movie is a passage during which he will carry nothing in his flesh because this flesh is the shell of his soul, or his flesh is just the cloth of his body which is the soul. In truth, president Paul Biya must understand that the greatest richness and glory of man on earth is to vivify the soul which is his body and to cover its nakedness by becoming the temple or house of the glory of God.

       If power and the glory are taken for God, it is the human being and all the richness of the country that will be sacrificed in order to obtain and preserve this god. The first personality of the republic of Cameroon is Paul Biya, the second is the president of senate, Marcel NIAT NJIFENJI, the third is the president of the national assembly, CAVEYEGUE Djibril, the fourth is the president of the economic and social council, AYANG Luc, and it is in the fifth position that we find Philemon YANG, prime minister and head of government, this is just a little preview of the Anglophone problem without talking of other domains, and this situation makes a problem relative to the agreements of Foumban. In truth, French and English must be taught in an equitable manner in Cameroon and none of these languages must be marginalised because they are all inherited from the colonial masters. The entire Cameroon is immersed or engulfed into corruption because almost all the candidates in big entry examinations in Cameroon are admitted by corruption, and nominations, allocations... are not left behind.

       In the 426th message, I advised president Paul Biya to have courage to make a national conference; to provide airplanes to bring back Cameroonians abroad; to let out ministers and former directors that have been imprisoned for embezzlement of public funds; to call on members of the administration in function and those who are no longer in function, and tell them to bring back the money of the country that they have gathered, without forgetting himself. During this national conference, they will have to confess their bad actions to the people; admitting to the people that they have behaved themselves as strangers not only by signing a double nationality, but also by plundering the richness of Cameroon to go and keep it abroad for personal interest, and to ask the people to forgive them because they have stolen, plundered, destroyed... them. They have to take the engagement to become the real nationalists who will engage themselves for the rebuilding of this country like the countries that they have admired to become their second fatherland.

    They must henceforth engage themselves to fight so that the money, relations or interests of lobbies should no longer take ascension on justice, merit and competence; they should build the development of Cameroon on agriculture and livestock first; they should develop roads in rural areas, the provision of drinking water and electricity, and not the selling of all forestry resources, petrol, diamond, uranium... of the country. They also have to valorise the teaching and medical staff, avoid conferences that host the Rosicrucian order as it formerly took place in Douala; they should bring the people to choose their leaders, not on the bases of tribal preferences, certificates, money... but they should choose according to the heart that will worry for the wellbeing of the compatriots, and someone who will accomplish the vow of their heart just as God chose David to lead the people of Israel because of his heart that was to accomplish his will, that is why he was bearing witness saying: “...I have found in David the son of Jesse a man after my heart, who will do all my will” (Acts 13/22).

       In truth, what hurts me more is that when the people live this kind of crises of peace, it is not philosophers, political scientists, financiers, economists... who were to be the first to step up or be in front to talk for the solution to this problem, but rather the men of God by whom God speaks such as Joseph in Egypt in front Pharaoh. For these intellectuals who base themselves and who depend on their intelligence to find a solution say that they do not find an exit to this crisis through dialogue because Paul BIYA, the president of the republic not being anyone, he cannot discuss with robbers, bandits, thugs.... But I, as a messenger of God and carrier of the richness of peace, I recognise that the Lord Jesus left heaven to come on earth in a physical body to discuss with robbers, killers... in order to bring them back to the reason, how more of a man like Paul BIYA, considered as father and head of the nation! But unfortunately, he is used to free walks in the towns of Switzerland and not in those of Cameroon his country. Paul Biya would have gone all the time in the regions of Cameroon up to far corners to see, touch and trample the reality in order to feel the lack of many things that lead the population to the suffering such as the lack of routes, drinking water, electricity, health centres..., he will therefore see how agricultural products get rotten on the ground in rural areas due to the absence of roads to transport them to the markets in town.

       For quite some time, president Paul Biya is very tired, amortised, and frequently sick, the country is therefore ruled by the men of the palace of Etoudi who take decisions not to serve the people, and this is done under the cover of the president. President Paul Biya, there must be dialogue with the people who revolt in the South West and North West regions of Cameroon. You should not listen to these intellectuals with the knowledge of things of the earth who tell you that you should not have a dialogue and that you should not go in these two regions that are in crisis of peace! But you should rather listen to the voice of God by the men with the knowledge of the creator of everything. Look how soldiers and civilians are killed and also kidnapped, material destruction, the delay noticed in the primary, secondary and university teaching programs, the economy which is paralysed, some Cameroonians who find refuge in Nigeria...! Why can you not call a national dialogue, if you do not take care, you will mask yourself one day in this country by wearing a “kaba Ngondo” and a wig on the head to disguise yourself into a woman to come out of this country on a bike or canoe.

       I like to manifest the greatest love towards all the men which is to tell them the truth so that they should avoid the worst.

         CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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