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When we are young, we see and think like a child but when we become big, we see and think like a big person. That is why in Jesus Christ there is no baptising of children. In truth, when I was still young, I was looking the sovereign liar like a living God on earth. One day, in my neighborhood, when I was still young, a priest visited us, my grandparents were going rank by rank to prostrate in front of him and calling him “my father” no matter the fact that they were older than him. Curiously, I asked my grandparents why they were behaving in that manner? They responded to me: “the way you see this priest here, he is representing the pope”. I asked them who is the pope? And they responded to me that the pope is the biggest man of God on this earth and that he commands everybody. I asked them where does he live? They responded and said in Rome. They continued telling me that the pope sometimes goes to Jerusalem in the country of God. I directly believed that the pope sometimes goes to heaven. I asked them if the pope was a human being? They responded and said yes. Then, I wanted to know if I could also see him one day. They said to me that they always show him on the 25th of December on television.

When this day reached, I rushed to go in front of the screen to see the man who goes to heaven in the country of God or also, who commands everybody. When they started broadcasting their mass celebration on the 25th of December in the Vatican, the old man got up from his sit and pointed his finger on the screen and said to me: “ here he is” For me, it was something extraordinary, taking into account the crowd and the ceremonies. After some years, this pope made a visit in my country of dust and all the inhabitants were in movement. When he arrived in the airport, there were great numbers of people among which were the high members of state and even the president of the republic. When this pope descended from the plane, he bowed and kissed the ground. When I saw that, I thought he smelt the ground of my country and I asked my grandparents why was he doing that? They made me understand that by this act, the pope was blessing our country and when I heard this respond, I was in great joy and at that moment, I said to myself that God has also blessed our country.

During the ceremony of the mass celebration, I found the head of state prostrating in front of him. I asked my grandfather if even the president is small in front of the pope. He said to me that it is the pope who represents God in the world and when he said that to me, my admiration and consideration doubled. Seeing later how people were coming rank by rank to suck the ring that he was wearing on the finger, I wanted to know what it signifies and my grandfather said “If you are not born in the ark of Noah, you cannot have the grace to suck this ring because it is a great blessing” This pope also had a stick which made me to think that he was old and that this was helping him to walk like the old men that I knew. He said to me that for the pope, it is his stick of commandment since he is at the head. Then I asked to my grandfather the signification of the communion and he responded to me that it is something that permits us to be in Alliance with God.

After so many years, the pope who succeeded the other one who died also pay visit to my country and he was also received by the president of the republic. This pope had a car not like others called papamobile and I heard journalists calling him Pontifical Sovereign or Holy Father. I asked the question to know why were they calling him like that? They said to me that it is because he is on the holy seat and that he is the representative of Apostle Peter. I also wanted to know who Saint Peter was and they made me understand that he was the representative of Jesus and the dean of the apostles. After the departure of the pope, people made me to know that this visit has cost near to two billions as expenditure for the country. I said to myself that it was nothing compared to the blessings poured by the pope to our country when he was kissing the soil in the airport.

       But when I became big, by the grace of the Lord Jesus, I started to see and to think like a matured person. I started to see the government of God and that of the devil in this world, I started to see the government of light and that of darkness, the government of truth and that of lies telling. I looked since Abraham, Isaac, Israel, Moses and all the prophets, the Lord Jesus himself and all the apostles whose names are written in the bible, how they were, how they were working and who was fighting them. I saw how the Lord Jesus and the apostles had worked in their teaching and conduct on which we have to be edified (Ephesians 2/20). And I looked at that one who is taken to be the representative of Apostle Peter on the Holy seat, to see if that is true in the same and only gospel and conduct (Galatians 1/7);(1 John 2/6).

I saw how he was baptising children and babies accompanied by their godfather and godmother, giving a certain amount of money; how he was bringing people to recite the ten commandments and after which they received the first communion and the confirmation, how he blessed crosses called rosary for people to wear, how he was making people to fabricate carved images and placing them near their big buildings for people to prostate in front of them, how in some Wednesdays, he was putting ashes in the form of a cross on the forehead of people saying that it is the Wednesday of ashes, how he forbidden people not to eat meat on a Friday called Holy Friday, how he was giving empty envelops to people that were to be given back with money inside and he was calling that the letter of agreement. I saw how he was celebrating mass with lighted candles, how he makes people to prostate in front of him while confessing their sins in his ears, how he was making people to suck his ring, how he was making people to carry a big piece of wood in the form of a cross on their shoulders and making them walk under the sun saying that it is the way of the cross, how he was naming some women, sisters, making majority of them to become his mistress, thus making them sometimes to abort when some forget to inject or to preserve themselves for fear that they see a sister giving birth.

Next, he has created schools called seminaries where in order to enter, you need to have great relations with the hierarchy, either to pay money. In these schools (seminaries), homosexuality makes ravage because many priests sodomise the young. Many of them are also Rosicrucian and exorcists... and they sometimes call their friends to come and exhume bones of people that they bury in their grave yard in order to sell and to do many other things. After having seen all these things that are done by the one that I admired like the living God on earth, I understood that this sovereign of the truth is instead sovereign of lies telling and the most powerful adept of the devil who maintain people in ignorance of the knowledge of Jesus Christ’s truth. That is where I understood that in order to better render people blind, the devil has passed through him to make people believe that he is the representative of Apostle Peter. They have called the Vatican “the holy seat”. Because for the devil to better fight the people who want to know and follow the Lord Jesus, he always comes and presents himself as being the Lord Jesus. That is why the sovereign liar is presenting himself like the representative of Apostle Peter because this seat is only the seat of the strong men of the devil who fight the truth of the Lord Jesus.

It is in the year 607 that was accomplishing the word of Apostle Paul which says: “Who puts himself against all authority, lifting himself up over all which is named God or is given worship; so that he takes his seat in the Temple of God, putting himself forward as God” (2 Thessalonians 2/4).Therefore, since the year 607 where the universal bishop of Rome has been promoted to the rank of pope and declared representative of Peter, that is the word which is God, he distract people with the long period of training in the seminary in order to bring them to think that nobody can know the bible more than the priest who has spent four years in the small seminary and three years in the big seminary while this long period of years is only a veil to fight the truth of the Lord Jesus in front of whoever. In their knowledge, when somebody dies, they give them money in order to come and bless the body of dust (the corpse), and during their celebration, they always affirm that the person has been received in heaven and that he is at the side of God; but few months or years later, they are called back and a certain amount of money is given to them for the same person who they confirmed that he was in heaven so that they should make a requiem mass in the memory of the said death person (prayer for the souls of the purgatory).

I am only afraid of one death which is that of not to live and to say the truth of the Lord Jesus. Nobody should worry for me because for us, it is said: “...let not your weeping be for me, but for yourselves and for your children” (Luke 23/28).


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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