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It is the 456th message

    In truth, I spend nights without veritable sleep because of lamentations, anxieties and sadness that fill my heart, when I see the life, the clairvoyance, the light, the healing and richness that the Lord Jesus has brought, and that our souls are still dead, blind, tenebrous, sick and poor. The Lord Jesus while coming to transmit what deliver us from the power of vanities, what makes us have domination over evil and freed us from the eternal death, has passed through a great suffering, great pain on the cross. How then will his suffering and blood that has shed on the cross be vain for the souls of this generation? If many people knew the blood of Christ, they would have been free from the killing and bloodshed of sheep on pretext that Abraham had sacrificed the sheep in the place of his son.

       My dear friends, it is God who asked Abraham to give him Isaac his son in sacrifice on a place of the mountain named Jehovah-jireh by Abraham, it is God himself who asked Abraham to sacrifice the sheep that was found behind him in the place of his son (Genesis 22/12-14). My dear friends, it is God who asked Abraham at the age of 100 years to give him this child in order to accomplish his promise that he made to Sarah and him (Genesis 21/1-7), and it is God who asked Abraham to give him his child in sacrifice (Genesis 22/1-2); it is this same God who offered the sheep in the place of Isaac (Genesis 22/12-14); it is the same God while loving us too much, has sent his Son Jesus Christ to us so that he should eternally sacrifice himself for us, in order that our souls should not perish (John 3/16).

       My dear friends, is it because the body of Christ that has been sacrificed for everybody is not physically consumable like that of the sheep that you prefer the body of the sheep? The life of man’s soul is more than the fleshly food; and the Lord Jesus has been sent from heaven to sacrifice himself for us, he who will eat him will live by him (John 6/57). Therefore, every animal that we sacrifice is sacrificed to demons and not to God, because if God wanted that we should continue to sacrifice animals in his name, he would have not sent his Son for an eternal sacrifice (1Corinthians 10/20; Hebrews 10/1-4).

       Many people will tell me that I judge the faith of the other people, but I will like to make them understand that the word of the Lord Jesus does not come to condemn or to judge them, but it comes to deliver them from the influence and customs that are vain for the soul. This word that they reject remains the one that will judge and condemn on the last day; but for the moment, it (the word) plays its role of salvation and deliverance through his declaration and teaching (John 12/47-48). The people did not believe that the Lord Jesus came to make them the gods, that is to bring them to live and walk like him.

       How then do these last fabricate statues in the effigy of men to bow down in front of these blocks of cement, of stone, of wood without understanding that the Lord Jesus came so that they should receive him in them, in order to become the image and the representative of God on earth. It is not the blocks of cement, of stone, of wood that must be in the image and the representation of God in front of which they come and bow down, given that they are the ones who give the form and height that they want to these objects. Others fabricate armlets and other objects to themselves that they wear saying that it is the protection, the blessing..., and it is occult forces incarnated in these objects that operate miracles in the place of the Holy Spirit.

       The Lord has brought a word which is Spirit and Life (John 6/63); and if somebody like to protect himself eternally and to live in the blessing of God, he will love this word and will keep it in him. The love of God will be carried in this person to bring the Son and the Father to come and establish their dwelling in him (John 14/23). Therefore, he who becomes tied to this word will possess the power of this word to dominate the power of every word in front. He who becomes tied to this spirit will possess the power of this spirit to dominate every power and spirit in front. For it is said: “you have overcome them, because the word and Spirit coming from heaven that lives in you are above every word and spirit of this world” (1John 4/4).

       The kings, queens, nations, head of States of this generation have rejected the Lord Jesus to become freemasons, Rosicrucian and adepts of all kind of magic. These last drink the human blood and eat the human flesh. In truth, are they still humans in Spirit? I say no, they are animals. That is why they incite wars, arm rebels, kill... For even if people die in wars, it does not affect their heart because if somebody eats beef meat and that they come and tell him that the cows are being killed like flies, this consumer of beef meat will not be affected by the loss of these beasts, but he will say to himself that if these beef meat was near him, he would have fed well. As such, when they come and tell these authorities who consume the human flesh and blood that people die in thousands, they are not affected by human loss, but they will nevertheless think that the flesh and blood of these last are often useful for their consumption. Some of them even incarnate animals.

       The world is full of witches having the mission to kill people, to make them become sick, to prevent them from prospering and to succeed in their life. They frighten new born babies in spirit who see animals, and some babies are often fought in the womb of their mothers by these witches, and for some, even when they come out of the womb of their mothers, seeing the same animals, they prefer not to sojourn on earth, mostly in the case of twins. The stars, business men up to the small trader, it is everyone who has his small god to make his activity to advance. The world is full of homosexuals, robbers, thieves, those who throw curses, poisoners, jealous people, killers, corruption, prostitution even with animals; the marriage is done for the love of the material and not for the love of the heart. In truth, the big men of this world are too small in spirit because the devil taking them like children of two years deceives them so that they should sell their souls to him against papers and coins of money that their own hands have fabricated.

       The big men of this world no matter their diplomas on the knowledge of earthly things, they do not have a matured spiritual conscience, that is why the devil does not have difficulties to convince them to give him their souls against sweets and biscuits; because they work for their flesh that must return in the ground, and not for their souls that can still escape the lake of eternal fire in case they possess Jesus Christ for richness, greatness and glory.

      In truth, in this generation, people talk of God, but they do not want to like the love, the strength, the richness, the force, the power and personality of God. Even many men of God in this generation which is more wicked than ever do not want to seek God in his mercy and justice; but they rather seek him in theology, diplomas and prayers of miracles. And the men of this generation without the love of God are obliged to eat one another, but the end of everything is near. My greatest joy is to leave this world after accomplishing my mission or task; and even now, I want to leave it if it is possible by God.

       CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death.(John 8/32)



It is the 457th message


    Only the Lord Jesus vivifies, sanctifies and purifies the souls. The Lord Jesus being Alive, Holy and Pure, if we live him, we are vivified and alive, sanctified and holy, purified and pure by him. For, only God who is his word or only his word which is him has the power to vivify, sanctify and purify our souls in case we walk according to him or according to his word. If we walk like him or according to him, we walk in the life, in sanctity and purity. It is the walk according to him that make us the living, saints and pure in front of him, and all this through the listening and practice of his word. That is even why it is said: “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin” (1John 1/7).

    Nothing can vivify, sanctify and purify our souls if not the word of God. This word is alive and if we receive and keep it in us, it vivifies us. This word is holy, and if we receive and keep it in us, it sanctifies us. It is pure, and if we receive and keep it in us, it purifies us. Therefore, the life, sanctity and purity come to us from the listening and practice of God’s word; that is even why the Lord Jesus says: “Already you are clean because of the word that I have spoken to you” (John 15/3). God who is Holy calls us so that we should also be holy like him. This holy word calls us so that we should also be holy like it. That is why it is said: “but as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct,  since it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy” (1Peter 1/15-16).

    The Lord Jesus sanctifies us, and all those who are sanctified by him have become one person; that is why it is said: “For he who sanctifies and those who are sanctified all have one source. That is why he is not ashamed to call them brothers, saying, “I will tell of your name to my brothers; in the midst of the congregation I will sing your praise” (Hebrews 2/11-12). Only the Lord Jesus has the book of life, and only those who will be alive by his word of life will be registered in the book of life, only those who will be sanctified by his holy word will be registered in the book of the saints, that is even why it is said: “And if anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire” (Revelation 20/15).

    In truth, it is touching and shocking to know the suffering that the Lord Jesus had endured up to the crucifixion, his blood that has shed on the cross so that the truth that freed and save should be known by all the men (John 8/32; 1Timothy 2/3-4), and seeing how today, the pope and his group work tirelessly so that this truth that save and set free should be ignored at all cost.

    The pope has proclaimed to be the representative of Apostle Peter, and the world has believed in it and takes him for the greatest man of God on earth. He has declared to be the Holy Father and the world call him as such. He pretend to be the representative of Apostle Peter, and makes believe to the world that if somebody bow down in front of a carved stone in the image of Jesus or Mary to make a prayer, this prayer will have a great efficiency; therefore, people jostle to bow down in front of the blocks of cement that are set up. He has also made the world to understand that the parents must baptise their children when they are still babies and at the price of money; and the parents of babies through godfathers and godmothers line up for this baptism. He has still made the world to believe that he who does not believe that Mary, mother of Jesus in the flesh ascended in heaven on the 15th August, he will be prevented from entering the kingdom of heaven; the world has believed in it and has found that this day is a big feast to celebrate the ascension of Mary in heaven. He has made the world to understand that he who does not carry two pieces of crossed wood in the form of the cross or who does not walk with those who carry this load under blazing sun while sweating a lot, he does not love Jesus; and the world has believed in it. As such, others prefer to carry this useless load even if it gives them back pain... to prove to the Lord Jesus that they love him.

     He says to people that if somebody does not ask the virgin Mary to pray for him near Jesus, his sins will not be forgiven; therefore, the people have thrown themselves in a race, with multiple recitations. Also, to lead the multitude of people astray, he says that if a woman does not come towards his group and him to fill the functions of sister, she cannot become the sister of Christ. Therefore, the women rush from everywhere to become the sister of Christ, and they become the veritable mistress of these last. He has made the world to understand that as head of State of the Vatican, a head of State of another sovereign country who does not bow down in front of him will not be recognised in front of God as a big head of State. And the head of States rejoice by bowing down in front of this head of State of God on earth.

    ANJEZË GONXHE BOJAXHIU recognised more in the nickname of Mother Teresa was born on the 26th August 1910 and died on the 05th September 1997. She had filled the functions of sister near these foxes; 19years after her death, Pope Francis organised a feast on the 04th September 2016 in her memory to canonise her and declare her to be holy (saint). And on this day of the 04th September 2016, he said to have registered her name in the book of the saints. Statues are now set up in the effigy of this last, without forgetting the feast in her honour.

    In truth, how can the pope go up to seduce and deceive a person who is dead since 19years by declaring that she is holy!. Does he have the power to register her name in the book of the saints? No, given that only God has the book of life to register the name of the living in it, he is the only one who has the book of the saints to register the names of the saints. If the pope was telling the world that these customs and traditions have nothing to do with the truth of the Lord Jesus that must set free and save the souls, it would have not hurt and shock me bitterly in my heart which is my greatest richness on earth brought by Jesus. Since he pretend to be the representative of Apostle Peter, these customs and traditions are a slow poison for the soul, but taken as the appropriate drug to heal the soul which is sick. And what makes more pity is when we see and hear these multiple blinds and deaf saying that mother Teresa have received the grace of God to be declared Holy (Saint), and that her name is also registered in the book of the saints. For me, the Lord Jesus did not shed his blood in vain for these souls that are brought in captivity, because something great will happen before his coming not far from now.

       CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



It is the 460th message

       In truth, it is touching, lamentable and worrisome to see certain head of States, first authorities and high personalities of their nations, people seated on the place of the institutions established by God and aimed to defend the interest of God face to the devil in their countries that they govern, becoming warriors of Satan to fight against God in the practices like the authorisation of the unnatural marriage where two people of the same sex stand in front of the mayor, embrace each other, suck mouths, wear rings, and establish a marriage certificate to themselves.

       These two people of the same sex, being officially married, they have the authorisation to adopt children and to establish them birth certificates as legitimate parents; if it is two women, one is the father of the child and the other one is the mother, and if it is two men, one is the mother of the child and the other one is the father.

       In truth, what is the fight that these head of States led against God, their creator! They have valorised the campaign of unnatural intercourses, it is to say that when two men get married, one of them become the woman and transform his anus into the vagina so that his husband should practice sodomy; and when it is two women, one of them become the man and carry an object that has the form of the penis of the man to penetrate her spouse.

       In truth, what is the education that these homosexual couples give to the children that they have adopted? In a couple where we have two men, he who is the husband asks the adopted child to call him “mummy”, and in a couple of two women, the one that is the husband ask the adopted child to call her “daddy”. These adepts of criminal acts of Satan kiss each other in front of the children that they have adopted; but what teaching and lesson do they want to give them? Since these couples are not natural, even the education of the adopted children will also be unnatural. But what a world!

       In truth, I ask myself the question to know what evil God had done to these head of States to revenge against him in liberalising and valorising these unnatural marriages in countries that they govern. I ask myself the question to know what kind of salary these head of States will have near Satan as they have become his mercenaries to fight without reserve against God? When the Lord who is the king of nations in the creation see how these individuals without his law, his heart, his feeling, his thought stand at the head of a nation to lead the people in the liberty of the practice that had led to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, he feels pains to see the great abomination and defile of these leaders of nations and people.

       In truth, the Lord Jesus who knows how he has suffered in this world when he came with a physical body in order to deliver the souls through his blood that has shed and his word which is given, feels bad faced to the indignity of the head of States; for they are motivated not only to make unnatural practices to reign in their countries, but also the unnatural marriages with the adoption of children by these couples. But of whom are they authorities to make the natural intercourse to reduce and to increase the unnatural intercourses? But these head of States make too pity! This language is spiritual and not fleshly. They occupy the summit of the Rosicrucian order and freemasonry, of magic, occult practices, corruption, embezzlement of public funds...

       In truth, I seek to know what kind of animal heart these head of States possess and I do not find it because animals of the same sex have refused this kind of practice which dishonours them in front of their creator no matter the fact that they have been created to be man’s food. In contrast, the animal has been unable to fall low in this kind of practice which is too   unworthy in front of his creator. The head of states are the leaders when they approve, authorise, legalise and valorise the unnatural marriage. I ask myself if the head of States who legalise the homosexual marriage are not victims of the madness of useless power, greatness, richness? Are they motivated by an intellectual luggage to take such decisions of madness in front of God? What I want to tell all these head of States and their adepts who practice unnatural intercourses is that, the coming of the Lord Jesus is near; that they still have the possibility to repent and to gain salvation of their souls.

       The head of States should not deceive themselves on the power, greatness, glory and richness that they have and that are limited in the physic or shell; because what they possess is not veritable. They are too great and rich physically, but too poor spiritually. The physic is not eternal and it will finish by disappearing, but the spirit which is eternal will stay forever. They should not deceive themselves like the bad rich, but they should rather seek to be wise, intelligent, great and rich like the poor Lazarus. They should know that even if things of the ground that must pass are far from them, those of the kingdom of heaven that are eternal are near them; and it will be a good thing for their souls in front of God and men of integrity to the dignity of God.

       I do not want a nomination, a residence, a naturalisation, a richness of dust, a hand shake as greeting... near these head of States, but I want that they should receive Jesus and gain a place in the kingdom of heaven.

       CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



It is the 459th message

    In truth, the devil often knows how to despise, to mock and humiliate the men in front of their creator, especially in these end times where he brings the men who came out of big universities, being or living in dreamlands of this world to do what neither mad people nor animals cannot do. The devil has brought these last to eat faeces or shit, to anoint their body with this very stinking filth. He has brought the leaders of big nations to legalise the homosexual marriage where the men sodomise other men and women, and a male sex is fabricated for the women; they take themselves for men, getting married officially and having sex with other women. He has bought the men not only to sex with dogs, horses and snakes, but also to get married to these beasts. The animals that penetrate these men are also penetrated by these last; there is thus the exchange of fluids among each other.

       The devil has brought these men to be urinated in the mouth, to drink urine, to suck the menses of women, to drink the water in which used sanitary napkins of women have been soaked. He has also brought them to kill their fellow men, and to share parts of their body that they cook and eat, and also make ham with it. In truth, it is too touching and shocking to see the men who came out of schools of this world becoming lower than mad people, dogs, pigs... by these abominable and defile acts. In truth, it is preferable for the man to lack spare clothes for his body of dust than to lack Jesus for the dress of his soul. It is preferable for the man to take Jesus as his first model than to have another man for model even if he is head of State, diplomat, teacher, star, business man, white man, black man...

       How can somebody accept not only to eat faeces, but also to take this stinking shit and rob it on his body? Faeces have become their delicious meal which they enjoy. Also, it has become good toilet oil to anoint their body with. This shit has become a good lotion which they apply on their body. They have become less than faeces because they consider and valorise it.

       In truth, this generation greatly makes pity no matter the fact that it is full of biblical schools, servants of God, churches, Christian libraries, Christian television and radio channels. As such, being blind, it is not the lack of Jesus (his word carried) in the man that makes this last to see that he is really poor, but rather the lack of the material. In this world, the man may acknowledge two types of deficiencies: the deficiency of physical things (the material) and the deficiency of spiritual things (the creator).

    If a man lacks the material and possess his creator, and that another one lack the creator but possesses the material, what is the deficiency that touches us less due to its lesser value? And what is the deficiency that touches us the most because of its great value? Seeing the head of states possessing the power to dominate the men and the richness of their nations without possessing the power (Jesus) that will permit them to have domination over evil does not bring the heart of God which we possess to rejoice; but rather to become sad and to lament. There is a power which is greater than the one to command the men and the richness of the country. This power is the one to dominate over evil; and it is brought by the Lord Jesus to free us from the eternal suffering and death in the lake of fire.

       The fact that I see the men fabricating all kind of dresses and shoes, vehicles and air planes ..., being or living in dreamlands of this world, eating and anointing themselves with shit, being urinated in the mouth, and drinking urine, sucking menses and drinking water in which used napkins of women have been soaked, having sex with dogs, horses, snakes and getting married to these beasts does not bring me to rejoice in the heart that God has made me possess, but rather to lament and cry for these last. The fact that this generation lack great men of God capable to be above the earth, the material, the glory of man, the knowledge of earthly things, the spoken and written language, the skin colour, nations and all men without Jesus is at the origin of the gravity of evil without brake. The men without Jesus in this generation are the ones who are the most envied by the men of God because they have the richness and glory of the earth. They dream to touch them with the finger or to have a hand shake with them, to take a picture with them to later glorify themselves, or to benefit things that these men without Jesus have possessed by selling their souls to the devil.

       In this world, the big abominable, criminals, corrupted, magicians... are the ones who have more money and consideration; they are envied and admired by the men of God who do not take them as people who are lost and that they have to bring back to the reason of God, but rather as those who must give them what they do not have and which is futility and without value for the end.

       In truth, if within a people, the wicked men or sinners are envied or taken for gods by the men of God, this people will be dived in evil without brake. And it is the case in this generation where the homosexuals, the magicians, the freemasons, the Rosicrucian, those who drink the human blood, those who eat the human flesh, those who sell and sacrifice human beings... are the most admired and envied because of their material richness, the function that they occupy or the title... All these men are envied and admired even by the men of God, thus becoming the model of all of them. That is why poverty, misery, the sickness and the spiritual death are less known because they do not make the object of campaign and testimony by those who are of the kingdom of heaven or the men of God on earth; and it is for this reason that the deficiency of food, water, health and life of the soul does not affect and touch the hearts.

       If the hearts of the men of God are touched, it is by the deficiency (lack) of food, water, good health and life for the flesh. That is why the men do not cry for the deficiency of life of the soul that still has the possibility to come back to life when the man is still alive in his flesh even though dead in his soul, but they rather cry for the flesh which lack life and movement. In truth, how can evil decrease in a world where the wicked people are envied and admired even by the men of God? For, these men of God do not dream that these wicked people should become like them in the possession of the heart of God which is a veritable and great richness, glory so that evil, magic, homosexuality should reduce, but they rather dream to become like these last in the possession of the material and the glory of man.

    Meanwhile, if these criminals, magicians, homosexuals... do not become like them in the Lord Jesus in spirit and truth, the blood of Christ would shed in vain for their souls. But if these men of God do not possess the material that these criminals, magicians, homosexuals... have, their flesh will always gain the ground no matter the life span on earth. Therefore, even the fact that the men of God envy and admire the criminals is in truth the hub of the lack of deliverance and the domination of evil in this generation.

         will it be the spoken language, the skin colour, a territory, the quality or quantity of the material, the knowledge of earthly things that will make me envy and admire these people who eat faeces, drink urine, suck menses, sex with animals...? But what a veritable poverty, misery, deafness, blindness which is ignored and that must be known so that the deliverance, not in the chasing of demons and evil spirits in bodies by healing the flesh and unlocking fleshly things, but in the transformation of the human or animal state to that of God by the Lord Jesus for the eternity.

       CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)








It is the 470th message

    In truth, the devil uses vanities to gain the souls of the blinds and deaf who are first the big authorities of this world, the big business men, stars… These blinds and deaf do not see the value of their souls that they sacrifice for vanities and vexation of spirit; but they find good to fulfil conditions that will permit their flesh to come in possession of what gain their heart. They do not see that while fulfilling conditions that are asked to them, they will lose something that does not have price in them, in exchange of a vanity of this world.

    That is why the Lord Jesus not willing to leave this thing enter the hands of the devil has pay the price of its freedom by his own blood, and this thing is our soul.

    In truth, when I see what the stars of this world, the big authorities, big business men… do and are in spirit, and that I hear and see how they are considered and taken for men of value, it greatly makes me laugh because in truth, these men are not the men of value. How do the people who ignore the value of their souls and who find the value in vanities that they receive in exchange of their souls be people of value? These men find the value in these vanities that are obtained; they obtain vain things in exchange of their souls that they sell or sacrifice, that is why they are not people of value.

    The Lord Jesus is a man of value who must be imitated because he has sacrificed his flesh and life in this world to gain our soul from the hands of the devil; our soul which has more value than what he had sacrificed. Meanwhile, I see people sacrificing or selling their soul for the glory of man, for the cheering, celebrity, popularity, the material, power over the men or to govern. They sell veritable gold against cheap junk, they are considered and taken for men of value by the blinds and deaf. If they were men of value, they would have not sold their souls for vanities, selling veritable gold for cheap junk.

    In truth, when I see the conditions in which certain people are submitted to be famous, to govern, to make people to speak of them, to gain the hearts of the population, to be envied and admired, to have the material, and that they find and take them for people of value, it hurts me a lot because this seduction does not bring these mislead people who have known the spiritual lowness to repent; and for many who do not understand this truth of the Lord Jesus, I am somebody who is proud. All glory, greatness, power, richness, blessing, power and value which is not first from the Lord Jesus is only wind. The Lord Jesus left heaven to come and give the value to the man because he saw how the soul of this last was to suffer in the lake of fire, that is why he came to give honour and value to this soul. Therefore, if today, people sell or sacrifice their souls because of vanities, and that they are called men of value, it is only pure and veritable madness. He who does not know Jesus Christ as the saviour of his soul from the hands of the devil does not know the veritable value and cannot be considered as a man of value nor be called a man of value.

    In truth, the young musicians today do not only visit all the big marabous and magic masters to make their album to be popular, to gain the hearts of the population, to sign big contracts, to make many shows, but they also have fancy hair styles and dressing styles. Some men wear ear rings. Having visited and seen occult strong men, even if they sing trash, insults, mockeries…, people will love and appreciate it; and the devil knowing that these musicians are envied and admired by the public, of whom many dream to become like them for majority of the young ones, he (the devil) uses these men who have sold their souls to him so that people should envy and imitate them. In truth, in this generation, the young people only have as model the men who are spiritually gone astray, and it becomes a big danger. How does it happens that in this world, this generation which is extremely dominated by the devil, when somebody sings a song having words that advice on good manners to live, people are not attracted, but when the words talk of sex, love between the man and the woman, people start loving it without reserve.

    Since the devil brings the man not to look at what will start or follow after his fleshly dead, he always advice him not to worry about it because he will deal will the matter; for the devil, the man must rather see all his life and future in the flesh, that is why people do whatsoever, knowing that after their fleshly dead, everything will also end, that is why evil and wickedness increase every day. They therefore have the language of the kind: “if I do not live now, or if I do not live like this, when will I live? Because after this life, it is death”, ignoring that after this physical life, it is the beginning of a new eternal life, and it must take place in the place which we had chosen when we were living in the flesh, and this place is either the lake for those who did not receive the Lord Jesus or the kingdom of heaven for those who have received him as saviour of their souls.

    All what I have understood in this world is that there is the absence of the word that will bring the people to know their spiritual state, and it is a big danger, but to God only the glory by Jesus our Lord and Saviour of our souls from the hands of the devil for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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