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       This world is too miserable and wretched not because people lack dust (food, clothes, house, money, car and other material goods) but because they lack the consideration of God who has created them in his image by giving them all the animals and birds in the earth for food.


       But unfortunately, many had preferred to transform into an animal. That is how some do to govern their resemblance, and others to destroy the harvest of their neighbour. To transform into an animal is phenomenon that happens mostly in Africa especially in the countryside where you find people that can transform either in hedgehog, porcupine, in a monkey, squirrel, antelope... to go and eat cassava, maize, groundnuts cocoyam, cocoa, in people’s farms. But sometimes in the countryside, these supernatural animals are killed (transformed people) through a gun shoot or by a trap. If it is by gun shoot, the physical person remains and dies in the house and their corps is seen with wounds and traces of bullets. If it is by a trap we find wounds and traces of the trap on the corps of this person. It sometimes happens that when you shoot on an animal in the forest and it falls, at the time you come nearer to it, you realise that it was a transformed person and sometimes shout saying: “you have killed me!”.

       These supernatural animals commit calamities and thus hinder the development and the blossoming of certain communities. Sometimes, you discover certain people who have suffered to cultivate a bush but during the harvesting period, people transformed into supernatural animals come and eat all their planting up to the point where to cultivate becomes vain. Sometimes, after being transformed into an owl, they come and stand on a tree near a building and start screaming and confessing evil declarations on this house. They sometimes transform into sparrow hawk to steal and eat people’s chicken; some transform into a fox to catch the chicken of their neighbour; some transform into squirrel to destroy young pods of cocoa in the plantation of others; some transform into a monkey either to eat maize or cocoa in the plantations of others. In the other hand, in town, people mostly transform into dogs, rats or cats at night and they often walk in groups while some transform into a lion or a tiger. Moreover, some people transform into a cat to come and meow near people’s house and by doing this, he declare evilness which can be a death and some times he cries like a new born baby. Some transform into a rat to steal money from people’s houses and these supernatural rats always come near people to hear their conversations. You sometimes see highly placed personalities like the head of States who transform into a lion, tiger... in order to dominate their colleagues, compatriots... It sometimes happens that a person transforms into different kinds of animals. That is why when you see an animal in the forest, you sometimes hesitate of killing it for fear that it is a person and not a prey.

       God has created man in his image and gave him great dignity and that is why he has put in the disposition of man all kinds of animals and birds for food but man has abandoned this great glory and stepped down to transform into an animal, prey that must be eaten by him. That is why transforming into these animals, man is always looking for human blood to drink and human flesh to eat. But what is happening in this world is painful to the Creator who sees how people transform into animals. But how can men of the same sex sleep with each other! Because what is not done by natural animals is being practiced by people and that is why natural animals have dignity and are more considered in front of God than these homosexuals who are sometimes supernatural animals.

       There are certain prayer houses especially in the countryside where you find people seated physically but in the spirit, they are animals. But God who is spirit seeing all these acts become worried. But how can a person transform into an animal to be lees considered than a natural animal in front of God? Even head of States, stars, business men... are in this practice of transformation since they are looking for power, domination and celebrity. The devil being an animal in spirit has conditioned certain people who are thirsty of power, glory, celebrity and material richness to become his animal spirit and others to be happy when their resemblance are suffering. For, these people receive his animal spirit in order to destroy their neighbours’ goods in farms. We also see some wearing expensive coats while in spirit, they are animals. The image of God was lost in the Garden of Eden by the first men that he created. Despite this, the Lord Jesus came with the image of God the Father like a simple man so that man should receive him and live in order to regain the lost image of God ( his word, his spirit and life) (John 6/63; John 6/57). But man found it better to transform into an animal to the point where you see an animal thinking that it is natural meanwhile it is a person.


       CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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