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It is the 492nd message

The human being is made up of two bodies; we have the spiritual body and the physical body. The physical body is called small body and the spiritual body called the big body. All things that are realised in the physical body are first realised in the spiritual body. For example, if the ...


hand likes sharing, it is because this desire was first manifested in the spirit. Therefore, the will first starts in the spirit before arriving in the physic. If the refusal is manifested in the spirit, the physic will simply follow, thus, the sharing will be prohibited. The same, this world is divided into two; we have the spiritual world which is the big world and the physical world which is the small world. Therefore, all what happens in the spiritual world have consequences or effects in the physical world. For example, it is the case with air planes, telephones, cameras, vehicles... that we use in the physical world today; all these things first exited and were used in the spiritual world.

    The devil dominates, control and destroys the physical world thanks to the instruments of the spiritual world. In this spiritual world, we have witchcraft that uses spirits of wild animals; it is in this witchcraft that the Africans, especially those of sub-Saharan Africa are dived and dominated. This wild witchcraft is also a major factor that prevents the development of this continent and dives it in great poverty. In Africa, just as parents send their children to school to be initiated in the knowledge of earthly things, the witches also introduce new people to initiate them in witchcraft, and this up to babies.

     Africans practice wild, stilly and poor witchcraft that consist to prevent their brothers and sisters from prospering, flourishing and to be in good health. African witches remove the brain (intelligence) of little children and children, either to eat, to use as manure in farms and plantations or to go and sell abroad. African witches extract blood from the bodies of their brothers, sisters and children to drink or sell abroad, or to use it as fuel in their night planes that are sometimes pieces of worn and folded metal sheet, old sardine tins or cans, old shoes, empty match boxes, brooms, cassava cuttings...

    When these African witches travel abroad in their astral body, if they are old in their physical body, they take a young body appearance; and if they are a child in the physical body, they will take the appearance of an adult and will go and feast in night clubs and snacks abroad. On their way back, some of them often fall on roofs of houses in a town of their country or neighbourhood of their town. This often arrives when they must take another night plane to come back; for time being primordial, the crew often pushes them out of the aircraft. When they fall, they recover their body that they have left on the bed; by way of illustration, look at the case of these three witches that you are seeing on the first page of the message in image. They have all fallen from their night planes; but the one that you are seeing being burned transformed herself into a bird, and it is in this transformation that she has been stricken and burnt by an electric cable while falling, she recovered her physical body but the burnings have stayed.

     These witches that are wild animals eat the human flesh and brain; they also drink the human blood. They send spirits of hooliganism and stealing to young boys, and the spirit of frivolity to young girls and sometimes put the spirit of butterfly in their bodies. These girls will move from one man to another and will never find the right man like a butterfly that moves from one flower to another without seeing a flower where to stay. These witches have two sexes; they sex with pregnant women in spirit or dreams in the aim to provoke miscarriage or to transmit diseases to the baby that will be born. They sex with young girls and boys to make them witness a difficult fertility still called sterility.

     These witches often take bodies of people or certain parts of their bodies in spirit to go and work or use them in different works; and these people usually wake up with an extreme fatigue that can last all day long or a whole weak, and are sometimes sick. Also, these old witches change their vertebral column with those of young people for a little while. They like staying in people’s bodies and infect these bodies with all kind of diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, typhoid fever, liver cirrhoses, CVA, HIV, renal impairment... They sometimes paralyse bodies and render people blind. These witches sometimes go in hospitals to kill the force of medicines of patients that are committed in these hospitals; they block the flowing of infusions, notably on patients that are on a critical or comatose situation. These African witches sometimes sit on chairs and leave diseases on them that will contaminate those who will sit there after them; it can be back pain...

     These witches always have trees around their homes where they keep certificates of children, the womb of women, kidneys of men, the job, the promotion, money, travelling, marriage... and even men. Some of them keep goods or things that they have deprived people of in pots, calabashes, under rocks; they sometimes bury or put them under their bed. These African witches gather themselves to tie or bind young people of their villages, and this brings many people to run away or to desert from the countryside. These witches block projects that are aimed to develop their environment. You will find that in a village, the project of construction of a road or the rehabilitation of certain infrastructures, the electrification of certain zones, the provisioning of drinking water, the creation of schools, health centres... are blocked by the witches; and in their witchcraft, they sometimes go up to destroying the drilling that supply them with water.

    These witches often dig big gutters on ways or routes that serve certain countryside or localities.Do not be astonished to see that these people do not like the development or light; but we should simply understand that these witches being animals sometimes in spirit, they do not even wish it, for they have pleasure to live like bush animals that do not want the destruction of their environment and thus, do everything to prevent it. These witches eat human beings in their groups, and everyone has his time to bring the game according to their language. If the time of one of them arrives and that he does not give a game, this last will be eaten by his colleagues in the place of the game that was not presented. They like eating young people who are intelligent or who have a future.

     In the Western world, there is a country that I will not call the name, where there is the world market of witchcraft and it is in this big market that the African witches supply themselves in all kind of diseases to come and infect their brothers and sisters. In truth, African witchcraft is not only wild, but it is also silly and poor; for how can the African witches remove the intelligence of their children who are genius and to extract the blood of their brothers and sisters to go and sell abroad against diseases to come and infect their brothers and sisters? Also, these witches bring back diseases that they throw in plantations and thus kill cultures. The banks of African witches are very rich because they take the money of their brothers and sisters to keep it; this deprivation or lack is felt in the physic.

     In truth, the African continent makes me too pity because even majority of the African head of States being Rosicrucian and freemason are sometimes sponsored by certain foreign head of States, they become the wives of their counterparts. In the magic practices, he who sodomise has power on the one that is sodomised; and many Africans do not understand why their head of states are intimidated, but it is because they do not understand certain things of which I will not enter into details.

     The spiritual world is the big world and the physical world is the small world. The Lord Jesus knowing that the devil has given his spirit of the beast to his men to disturb the others, also gave his power which is his word, his spirit and life so that whoever receives it should dominate or walk on animals in spirit. It is by the spirit of God in us that we have domination over the animal spirit in the man who is in front of us, and the Lord Jesus giving us this supreme power told us: “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you” (Luke 10/19).

     It is not those who carry the spirit of God or God in spirit who must tremble, panic, run, hide in front of those who carry the animal spirit, but it is rather the contrary. God did not give us a peel, herb, perfume, the handkerchief, water, salt, a ring... for shelter or to protect ourselves against the witches, but he gave us his Son Jesus who is the power of protection and of domination.

     We should be careful because many people are under proud, fake, jealousy, lies, hatred, adultery... and accuse the witches to have blocked their life, ignoring that they themselves live the animal life or the life of the beast which is the devil, and which is a life of witchcraft. Therefore, living this life is to become yourself a door and not a window for the witches. You should not accuse anybody if not yourself and your life. We should become tied to God in order to become one word, one spirit and one life with him, and where God dwells, there also dwells the domination on every word which is confessed, declared, prophesy against this place which is your heart and body being the house and temple of God. He dominates every spirit.

       CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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